Josef “Jeff” Sipek

Happy Birthday, TNG!

Monday, September 28, 1987 - The pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired. That’s 20 years today!

Disturbing Imagery

While eating my dinner, I turned on the TV and I noticed that they were playing ST:VOY. I decided to keep watching. I noticed few things…

  1. The plot was completely ripped off from ST:TNG (spaceship dragged along in space by space creatures)
  2. Tuvok, the resident Vulcan, sounds like a cheap Text-To-Speech synthesizer running on a 100MHz Pentium
  3. Janeway, the so-called captain, doesn’t fit the role, she is too emotional

  1. When she was discussing the possibility of the crew having children, she just question everything with a "Are you crazy? We can’t provide them education! We can’t…"-attitude.
  2. At the end, she made a really cheap remark. Chakotay, the first officer, managed to save the ship by using his knowledge of animal mating "psychology," and Janeway said something like, "If I ever need any of [that] knowledge, I know where to find it."

After the episode ended, another one started, this time, it was Enterprise - the crappy series, not related to anything else with the same name. I decided to see at least the begining of the episode since I know the series has been written off an unprofitable (I think that’s the reason). I noticed several blatantly obvious stupidities..

  1. As you all know, T’Pol is supposedly a Vulcan. Well as usual, she doesn’t act like it.
  2. The theme song is stupid, and unlike any other Star Trek theme song _EVER_ recorded. (I think this is actually good, this and the fact that Enterprise - the series - doesn’t anywhere say it is Star Trek, except the brief "Based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry.

Bleh, I’m getting sick of taking about Enterprise…:-/ Time to post this and forget I ever watched ENT.

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