Josef “Jeff” Sipek


The Apple ISA — An interesting view of what Apple could aim for instruction set architecture-wise.

Internetová jazyková příručka — A reference book with grammar and dictionary detailing how to conjugate each Czech word.

Java is Magic: the Gathering (or Poker) and Haskell is Go (the game)

An Interview with Brian Kernighan (July 2000)

Booting a Raspberry Pi2, with u-boot and HYP enabled

The SmPL Grammar — Description of the grammar used by Coccinelle.

Netbooting Debian Squeeze — A link I had sitting around for a couple of years when I last set up a NFS-root netbooting Linux system.

Are there any 3 dimensional items wwe can’t print layer by layer — A humorous story about Wikipedia article: Fubini’s theorem and its relation to 3D printing.

The Diagnosis of Mistakes in Programmes on the EDSAC — In some ways, debugging hasn’t changed much since 1951.

Math test

I decided to finally implement some math support. Here’s a test post.



I hope equation support will come in handy.


Here’s a fun math problem…

Suppose there are n people. Each person has a hat.

Now, you collect all the hats, and distribute them back randomly. There is a certain probability that no one will get their own back.

What is the limit of this probability as n approaches infinity?

Hint: It’s a probability, so it’ll be in the [0,1] range.

(I’ll post a solution in a few days.)

Monty Hall

Last night I stumbled across the Wikipedia article: Monty Hall problem. At first it seems completely counter-intuitive, but when you think about it, the host reveals information about your choice by purposefully opening a door with a goat.

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