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Another Enterprise Rant

Hello all! Sorry, but I must comment on some photos I found on’s site from the recent protest of the Enterprise fans.

I think I’ll use a very simple format for my rant. For each photograph, I will write a comment. In other words, if I had a directory structure such that there are two subdirectories, one called photos, and the other called comments. In each directory, there is a file with identical name but different extension. To write it out in something simpler to understand than English, here’s a small bash script:

for x in `find photos -type f` ; do
	echo photos/$x
	cat comments/$((echo $x | sed -e 's/jpg$/txt/g'))

Anyway, enough of this…here’s my rant:

Exhibit 1:


I have to agree with this poster, Kirk would save Star Trek. Conincidentally, that’s what’s going on. UPN doesn’t want Enterprise because it is not profitable. It would be if it was real Star Trek.

Exhibit 2:

Star Trek is Responsibility

Yes, and I think it is irresponsible to protest against stopping the production of Enterprise.

Exhibit 3:

Honk if..

It must have been relatively quiet day at Paramount…

Exhibit 4:

Best couple

You’ve got to be joking. Yes, even Vulcans have emotions, but they are _SUPPOSED TO_ supressed them. As for the other member of the “best couple”…urgh…

Exhibit 5:


Yes, Paramount made a mistake in 1969. But let’s face it, Original series wasn’t too much of a hit when it was first on the air in 1966-1969. Its popularity was much greater in 1970, until it lead to the Star Trek:The Motion Picture, which lead to 9 more movies, 14 seasons of good Star Trek (1 season = about 24 episodes), 7 seasons of mediocre episodes, and 4 seasons of Enterprise. What a bad way to end this series of series. :-(

Note: Now we are getting to the more bizarre photos…

Exhibit 6:


Let’s save Enterprise because the dog is cute! What a brilliant idea!

Exhibit 7:


No comment.

Disturbing Imagery

While eating my dinner, I turned on the TV and I noticed that they were playing ST:VOY. I decided to keep watching. I noticed few things…

  1. The plot was completely ripped off from ST:TNG (spaceship dragged along in space by space creatures)
  2. Tuvok, the resident Vulcan, sounds like a cheap Text-To-Speech synthesizer running on a 100MHz Pentium
  3. Janeway, the so-called captain, doesn’t fit the role, she is too emotional

  1. When she was discussing the possibility of the crew having children, she just question everything with a "Are you crazy? We can’t provide them education! We can’t…"-attitude.
  2. At the end, she made a really cheap remark. Chakotay, the first officer, managed to save the ship by using his knowledge of animal mating "psychology," and Janeway said something like, "If I ever need any of [that] knowledge, I know where to find it."

After the episode ended, another one started, this time, it was Enterprise - the crappy series, not related to anything else with the same name. I decided to see at least the begining of the episode since I know the series has been written off an unprofitable (I think that’s the reason). I noticed several blatantly obvious stupidities..

  1. As you all know, T’Pol is supposedly a Vulcan. Well as usual, she doesn’t act like it.
  2. The theme song is stupid, and unlike any other Star Trek theme song _EVER_ recorded. (I think this is actually good, this and the fact that Enterprise - the series - doesn’t anywhere say it is Star Trek, except the brief "Based on Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry.

Bleh, I’m getting sick of taking about Enterprise…:-/ Time to post this and forget I ever watched ENT.

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