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Stephen Bourne: Early days of Unix and design of sh

Decommissioning a free public API

Wikipedia article: List of selfie-related injuries and deaths

The Black Hole — a mirror lined room with a dark spot

Fair Source License — a terrible licensing idea

Eternity's Missing Children

Some time ago, I stumbled across a Wikipedia article about a book: Wikipedia article: Eternity’s Missing Children.

Apparently, it’s some obscure book that no one really cares about — at least that’s what the “this article may not meet the general notability guideline” box implies.

Anyhow, here’s the entire description from the wiki page (copied because I wouldn’t be surprised if it got deleted on Wikipedia).

The Devil and Jesus sit down for a cocktail in New Orleans, with a myriad of shared worries and personal relationships to resolve. These two historic gentlemen find themselves in the One Wheel Louisiana, a New Orleans bar on the outskirts of town, where an aging black bluesman finds his soul and Jesus is reminded of a former romance. As the night roles on, with libation and song consumed, these half-brothers of biblical proportions find a world in peril with genuine faith shaken and manipulated by our earthly guardians of organized religion; but they both agree with belief in their hearts and their futures in question that New Orleans never looked so good.


Today I decided to check something on wikipedia, and I stumbled on the page about Wikipedia article: time. I was quickly scrolling through, when I decided to read a random paragraph in the Wikipedia article: Definitions and standards section:

The definition of time is extremely important in science and for our everyday life. All known properties of time follow directly from this definition. For example, this definition of time coupled with current definition of space makes our space and time to be Minkowski space-time and makes special relativity theory absolutely correct (true) by definition.

It took me a while to realize, but the last sentence is funny…“special relativity is absolutely correct.”

Totally Awesome Image

So, few days ago Wikipedia’s Picture of The Day was a photo of Wernher von Braun standing next to 5 F-1 Engines. I still can’t get over how awesome the photo is. Here’s what it looks like:

Wernher von Braun next to 5 F-1 engines

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