Josef “Jeff” Sipek

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I tried to use your @ name completion feature in Opera, and it didn’t work…at all!



Dear Firefox,

You Suck.


Josef ’Jeff’ Sipek.

P.S. xulrunner-stub using 4% CPU when the window is not visible and 36% when re-rendering parts of the page is a bit too excessive.

Firefox + vim = ?

What would happen if someone took Firefox and combined it with the awesomeness of vim’s UI? Wouldn’t that be slick? Well, wait no longer! Someone has done precisely that!


By default, all you see is just the tab list, and the status line on the bottom of the window. I’ve enabled the menu bars because I’m not ready to make a complete switch ;)

Of course, since it’s still Firefox, everything renders just the same.

Edit: It’s called Vimperator and it is Firefox extension.

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