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Happy 50th, System/360

It’s been a while since I blahged about mainframes. Rest assured, I’m still a huge fan, I’m just preoccupied with other things to continuously extoll their virtues.

The reason I’m writing today is because it is the 50th anniversary of the System/360 announcement. Aside from the “50 years already?” sentiment, I have a couple of images to share. (I found these several years ago on someone’s GeoCities site. It’s a good thing I made a mirror :) )

I also came across this video from 1964:

IBM Fellows

Today was the second day of classes. During the first lecture for one of the courses I’m taking, the professor did a brief history of the field — starting in 1930’s, and ending in 1970’s. I couldn’t help but notice that he named about 10 people, out of which at least 3 were Wikipedia article: IBM fellows. *grin*

z/VM = pure awesomeness

Today, I got to use z/VM 5.2 a whole lot (well, I didn’t do all that much, but considering that I never typed a single command in z/VM — only VM/370 — it was a whole lot of using :) ). Long story, short, z/VM is totally amazingly awesome.

Here’s an image that I found on IBM’s website:

I [heart] VM

Step 2: Fortune

Yesterday, I got my first check from IBM. As I expected, the check is quite plain — it just has the words “IBM Corporation” using the same font as the rest of the text, no special IBM logo or anything. Few months ago, I saw a check from Google that a friend had, and it was just as plain. Either way, I’m semi-rich now…well, I’m just not as poor as I was before. :)

Summer Internship

Tomorrow, I start my summer internship. Yay! Most of you probably already know, but my internship is at IBM Research. Should be fun :) Stay tuned for a lot of “I can’t talk about what I work on” :-P. I think it is pretty obvious that I’ll be doing something that interests me → programming :)

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