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Jaffa Kree!

So, about a week ago, Chris (if he wants to identify himself, he can :) ) gave me an Elite Serpent Guard action figure. Right from the beginning, I knew what had to be done… Today, I had a little bit of time, so I went outside and had fun. Some inspiration came from a post by Nur Hussein. So, if I “waste” more time on this, I blame him :)

Anyway, here are the photos, along with my witty commentary which is supposed to make this into a story of some sort. (I didn’t really post process them, so they could look better.)

“How dare you call the Gua’uld false gods!”

You know, it is really hard to think of what a Jaffa would say, on the show, they just die without saying much…

“blip, blip, blip…”


…an hour later…

“Whoever did this will die by my hands!”

Hell has no fury like a Jaffa ambushed

I have no idea what’s going on here…perhaps some meditation near a nice, green, lake….


“Hrm, where did my Al’kesh go?”

Where is it?

On my way back inside, I found something that looked interesting. Perhaps this is the lost Al’kesh :)

Missing: One Al’kesh class, mid-range bomber


So, last night I watched episode 5 of Stargate SG-1’s 10th season. This concludes my last marathon of SG-1 watching as there are no episodes left to watch! From now on, I have to wait until new episodes are aired. :)

Daniel is back!

So, it has been a while since I posted something. Nothing new and/or exciting happened since the last post.

As you might have expected, I kept on watching Stargate SG-1. I just finished watching second episode of the seventh season. I did know that Daniel Jackson would be back to SG-1, and I am kind of glad he did. It just didn’t seem right to not have (go split infinitives!) Daniel there. Other things that were quite interesting are:

  • Who the ancients were
  • Who Anubis is

I kind of expected that Anubis wasn’t quite Gua’uld. But then again, he got a ton of useful technology that no one knew of - so I guess that was a give-away.

New Addiction

So, I started watching Star Gate SG-1 the other week, and I got addicted quite fast. Sucks, doesn’t it? It is an nice Sci-Fi show that’s all the way up to season 9 (I’m almost done with season 3). Anyway, time to watch some more SG-1 :)

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