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Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

This is a bit dated, but I feel like making a note of it anyway…

On November 1st, I was told by a friend that Wikipedia article: Max Raabe was going to have a show the next day in Carnegie hall in the City. I couldn’t say no — and it was worth it. As wikipedia states: “He and his orchestra specialise in recreating the sound of German dance and film music of the 1920s and 1930s.”

I’d say that about 50% of the songs he did were in English, and the other 50% were in German. I didn’t understand the songs that were in German, but from what I figured out, they lyrics are absolutely awesome. (E.g., a song about his gorilla that lives in a villa in the zoo and is very happy because the gorilla doesn’t know about politics.)

Anyway, if you got an MP3 or some other audio format of Max Raabe, listen to it, you might enjoy it because it’s different from other music you tend to hear these days.

The trip to the city was pretty painless. Finding Carnegie hall was pretty simple. And the trip back was equally painless. Sorry, no photos.

Sarah Hughes & friends

Edit: I just noticed that the photos’ aspect ratio is getting messed up by Wordpress. I am going to change the design soon to something that stretches from side to side in a browser window. Sorry for the (temporary) inconvenience.

Today my family and I, went to see an ice scating show, starring Wikipedia article: Sarah Hughes and some other people: Wikipedia article: Alexei Yagudin, Wikipedia article: Todd Eldredge, Wikipedia article: Stéphane Lambiel, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Caryn Kadavy, Wikipedia article: Anton Sikharulidze & Elena Berezhnaya, and Kyoko Ina & John Zimmerman. There was also (so called singer) Wikipedia article: Ashanti who “sang” some “songs.”

Of course, I had my camera, so I took a bunch of photos during the show (note: I didn’t actually do much to the photos, they are mostly cropped and resized, I will most likely fix them up to look better):

After the show itself, since we had VIP passes, we went to the party where we could get the skaters’ signatures. There I noticed one thing, the VIP passes looked exactly like the Media passes, except for a different color stipe and word Media instead of VIP, and both types had the tendency to flip over, showing the completely white side. So, I flipped mine over, took out my Nikon D70

Nikon D70

and Nikon SB-800 (which when mounted on any SLR makes the whole thing look really serious)

Nikon SB-800

and went to shoot some photos. Most people there were rather nice when they noticed the camera as I said “excuse me,” and passed them by. I don’t have any autographs, but some interesting photos - as I mentioned above, I should spend more time on these.

Sarah Hughes

Going back to the what happened during the show…since when one skates, he destroys the ice and in a stadium setting the Zamboni is called in to fix things up:

The Zamboni

There were TV cameras (the thing will air some time late January), the operator of the one closest to us, was just sitting there during the intermission, but the lighting behind him was intriguing, so I took a photo as well.


Jaromir Nohavica

Today, my family and I went to see a concert. Nothing major, just a czech “folk song” singer (his style is folk-ish, but the really interesting part are the lyrics — they are simply hilarious.) I had my camera with me, so I took a few crappy shots of him:

Jaromir Nohavica

Anyway, it was quite good in my opinion - lots of wacky stuff. I’m not going to go into great detail about the lyrics, because they simply cannot be translated.

P.S. I do realize he looks a lot like Eric Raymond (photo, not by me.)

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