Josef “Jeff” Sipek

To Boldly Go...

Some time ago, I started helping with the maintainance of Galaxy — a Beowulf cluster right here at Stony Brook University. Up until two days ago, it consisted of:

Count CPU
6x Pentium III 1266MHz
46x Athlon MP 1800+ (1533MHz)
24x Xeon 2400MHz
18x Xeon 3000MHz
82x Xeon 3200MHz

That’s right, 176 nodes. Anyway, two days ago we took all the Athlons offline, because we got a shipment of nice 3400 MHz Xeons — about 50 of them. :)

I should get a copy of SPEC and see how it goes. ;)

(I’ll post some photos in near future.)


As promised, here’s a photo of us (two of the Galaxy people) bringing some nodes online:

Taking a break

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