Josef “Jeff” Sipek


Tee hee…an amusing story from BBC News:

A man in the United States popped out to his local petrol station to buy a pack of cigarettes - only to find his card charged $23,148,855,308,184,500.

Formatting Error

Few years ago, I found a formating bug in PowerDNS’s web interface. It took a while for it to get fixed. Since it wasn’t a critical bug, I never tried to make the maintainer see the light — eventually he found it himself :) Now, I can say that PowerDNS is perfect :)

Last night, while roaming around BBC’s website, and I noticed this: formating error

I took a screenshot and earlier today I let them know about the problem. I don’t see today’s numbers displayed in engineering format, but today’s numbers are an order of magnitude larger than yesterday’s so I can’t tell if they already fixed it, or if it’s the larger numbers that are hiding the problem. We’ll see if I get a “thank you” note, or something :)

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