Josef “Jeff” Sipek

The jeffpc Amateur Radio Fox

There is already a number of different fox hunting designs out there—both commercial and hobbyist built. Therefore there is no practical reason to make another design, but educational and entertainment reasons are valid as well.

So I made one.

I put together a project page which talks about the project a little bit but mostly serves to point at the source, binary files, schematic, and a manual. Since it doesn’t make sense for me to repeat myself, just go over to the project page and read more about it there ;)

Finally, this is what the finished circuit looks like:

As always, comments, suggestions, and other feedback is welcome.


  1. Jeff:
    I am going to try to build this. There is so much about making this that I do not know how to namely programming that microcontroller. But it will be a nice (or frustrating) learning experience. Cool work!

    Comment by KM1NDY — January 7, 2023 @ 18:10

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