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Comment Spam Filtering Experiments

Just a heads up, I’m getting fed up with all the comment spam that ends up on the moderation queue. So, I’m working on some code to reject comment spam before it hits it. As the title for this post implies, these are experiments; I’ll try my best not to reject any valid comments. I appologize if a valid comment does get rejected.

If you end up being a victim of my overzealous filters, please email me:


  1. Sadly its the bane of all bloggers we either a) turn of the comments posts.. and then its a sort of bleak one way diary.. where you dont get feedback from your audience or b) turn it on and sift through the dross of various creams and potions for no end of peculiar ailments "sigh" life does go on though

    Comment by Alison Hendricks — March 9, 2014 @ 10:10

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