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OLS 2008 - Day 3, Part 2

Ok, here’s the rest of what happened yesterday.

My BOF went fairly well. Of course, I have the slides for your perusal. For the demo, I started with following the HOWTO in the Documentation directory of the guilt repository, but soon after, I just deviated, and used the demo time to show people what happens under some cases that they were asking about. I got some useful questions. I even got an email from one of the people asking a question with the details about the question he asked.

After my BOF, a former labmate, Dave Quigley had a BOF about SELinux. During it, I decided that it would be fun to try SELinux again. I installed a bunch of Debian packages, fixed up a few config files based on the SELinux Setup page on the Debian Wiki, and rebooted to have the system relabel itself. That took a looong time. Mostly because I have something close to 300 thousand files on my laptop, and each and every one of them had to get a new extended attribute → every inode had to either set up an in-line xattr, or if there isn’t enough space, a new extent for the 20-40 byte label (I guess closer to 64 bytes with the label name + value).

One amusing thing that happened during the BOF was…at one point, Stephen Smalley (SELinux master-mind), was commenting about AppArmor (a competing security system) when he said “AppArmor is better…” well, the ellipsis really is “…than nothing.” :) Someone there actually made this joke.

After the BOF, Shawn Starr, Dave Quigley and talked for a couple of hours about a ton of random topics. Fun, fun, fun.

When Shawn and I got to the hotel, I mentioned the fact that he moved parts of the toilet the day before at an ungodly hour (something like 7:45am)…but for whatever reason I said “you moved the porcelain” … that’s where things took a strange turn… The endless stream of porcelain jokes just kept on going on and on.


  1. How do you patch the porcelain to add a regression test that prevents Canadian's from tainting the porcelain?

    Comment by [unknown] — January 1, 1970 @ 00:00

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