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Guilt: Taking over the world one repository at a time

It is really interesting how sometimes a bit of luck makes things happen. For example, little over 6 months ago, I wrote a few shell scripts, which called gq, to make my life a little easier. I worked on the for about a week, and then I decided I should share with the community. So I tagged the sources as version 0.10, and announced it on the git mailing list. One of the comments I got was about the fact that there is another project (completely unrelated) that had the name gq for a long time. Oh well, it was time for me to rename it. After some procrastination and hacking, new year rolled around, and I decided to release 6th version (v0.15), but this time it wouldn’t be gq anymore — instead I would call it Guilt. My post from January describes how it got the name. As with every version of gq, I announced Guilt v0.15. I could see that Guilt was getting way better, and so I felt even more motivated to hack on it. v0.16 came out. And then a very unexpected thing happened. I got two patches from a guy on the mailing list. Sweet! I applied them, and release v0.17. Shortly thereafter, during the Linux Storage and Filesystem (LSF) workshop in San Jose, I got a patch from Ted Ts’o (of the ext[234] fame). I couldn’t believe it, but it was true. I decided to release v0.19 the next day. At LSF, I met Brandon Philips, and we talked about Guilt. Rather shortly after LSF, he send me an email saying that he’ll try to get Guilt into Debian. :) Well, about a month ago, he succeeded.

As many of you may already know, I stick around a number of channels on OFTC’s IRC network, and it is rather interesting to see people try Guilt, or people talk about Guilt; generally suggesting that someone use it — and people do!

Anyway, I hope I didn’t bore everyone to death with my little tour of history behind Guilt.


  1. Josef, I have successfully pushed your good work into the gentoo portage:

    Comment by [unknown] — January 1, 1970 @ 00:00

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