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ICON 25 - Remarks

So, I was at ICON the past 3 days. I took a bunch of photos of people and of the place; I went to a bunch of presentations; I did two presentation myself (with some other people); but the most interesting thing was when I went to a Q&A Session with George Takei on Saturday. (Those who don’t know who George Takei is: he’s Sulu from the Original Series of Star Trek.) There was this one guy, who asked him (Takei) if he (the guy) could have his tea cup. I found that an awesome idea. But it was too late.

The next day (Sunday = Today), I went to the second Q&A session, and asked Takei if I could get his tea cup. He said sure. :)

George Takei’s tea cup

I know I am crazy, but I don’t care. I have an autographed tea cup, and you don’t.

(More photos to follow when I get to it.)


  1. A paper cup! Cool, now if there's an explosion of a nearby moon and the shockwave knocks the cup down, it won't break!

    Comment by [unknown] — January 1, 1970 @ 00:00

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