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Flight of the Phoenix

It’s been a long while since I wrote something about a movie. A long while back, I saw a movie called Flight of the Phoenix. The movie summary on IMDB is pretty straight forward:

Survivors of a plane crash in the Mongolian desert work together to build a new plane.

Anyway, the whole thing felt like an Armageddon rip-off. All in all, I don’t think Flight of the Phoenix is worth watching.


Recently, I decided to watch a movie of some sort. Well, I ended up seeing Leviathan from 1989. It’s truly a bad movie.

Spoiler follows!


So, it’s essentially just like the movie Alien from 1979, except it takes place on the bottom of the ocean. You get the same kind of "monster" creature that’s impossible to kill, and it wants to kill everyone.

It starts off when the deep-ocean mining company workers find a ship-wreck of a ship that’s hasn’t (officially) sunk. Since the ship was Russian, they discover some vodka in the captains safe. Some of the crew consumes it. Little did they know that the vodka contains some virus engineered by the Russian military! (Everyone know that the Russian military experimented on their own men, right?) Anyway, these charismatic non-Russians’ DNA is now being rewritten by this virus. They are turning into…something!

After some battling (I’m not quite sure why they had a flame thrower on their ocean-floor base) of this "creature," they realize that they are on their own. The corporate headquarters don’t want to scare investors away with this "virus that rewrites your DNA" news, so they essentially wanted to let them die on the ocean floor. Little did the corporate heads know that our heroes are not only in deep s*..err..water, but also very creative and so they find a way to destroy the mutant, and at the same time save their rears.

So out of the 5 or 6 characters that we start with, all but two die. Oh, actually, one of the characters dies because a shark gets him! Doesn’t that bite (hahaha)? You are trying to escape a weird mutant creature that is a mix of your former buddies, and a shark gets you in the last 2 minutes of the movie!

If you have seen Alien, you’ve seen Leviathan. It really is that simple.

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