Josef “Jeff” Sipek

My precious... - Day 3

Ahh…what a good day…I kind of gave up on the few dust particles on the CCD (well I forgot for a major part of the day :-) ). I had 3 shooting sessions…

  • Strolling around the dangerous streets of Bellmore and Merrick :-)
  • Car light trails
  • Goofing off in darkness (sounds kinda bad..)

During the car light trails session, my battery died. That was still the original charge. I’d say not bad, ~300 photos (about 11% long exposure) in cold weather (ranging from -2 to 5 degrees Celsius). Today I also switched to Adobe RGB color space. The only drawback I see is the filenames are different :-/ oh well.

Here’s a sample (the first and second sessions)…

The Hydrant

The Intersection

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