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Changing timezone in irssi at runtime

About a year ago, I moved my irssi-in-a-screen into a separate zone on my server. I installed the new zone, installed screen and irssi inside it. And started it all up. After a little while, I realized that the zone was set to UTC. (By default, OmniOS zones start with their timezone set to UTC.) That’s easy enough to change by editing /etc/default/init and restarting anything that has the timezone cached in the environment. Which includes irssi. In general, I don’t like restarting irssi because it is a bit of a pain to rejoin the channels I want to be in temporarily.

Well, it turns out that there is a way to change irssi’s timezone setting at runtime!

/script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='US/Eastern'

I definitely did not expect something like this to work, but it does. (Yes, yes, I know this is on the irssi tips and tricks page.)


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