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The other day I took a slightly longer lunch break and headed over to the National Streetcar Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, they were closed that day so instead I used the parked steam locomotive there as my photography subject. For more photos, check out the full gallery.

I took two panoramas. They are not perfect since I was hand holding the camera. The smaller one is made up of seven shots (15 MB full image for you pixel-peepers).

The larger panorama is made up of twelve images. (34 MB full image)

The D750 has a feature called live view—it lets me use the tilting screen on the back to compose my shot. This is very useful for otherwise awkward to compose shots. (Instead of having to crawl on the ground to see through the viewfinder, one can use the screen!) The very important thing to note about live view is that if you take a still image while in live view (by pressing the shutter all the way) the resulting image will have a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the standard 3:2. To get a 3:2 image, one has to compose in live view, then turn off live view, and take the shot as always.

I am hoping to come back one day soon and see what the museum has to offer for my photography appetite.


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