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update_drv: adding a driver alias

Over the weekend, I got fed up with my laptop (Thinkpad T520) using the VESA driver even though I have an NVidia card. After some searching online, I came to the conclusion that the nvidia driver I had installed (280.13) should work with my card but there was an alias missing. So, I ran the following to add an alias for the PCI ID:

# update_drv -a -i '"pciex10de,1057"' nvidia

A reboot (really, X restart would have done, but it is nice to know that things come up as expected during a reboot) later, I was greeted by accelerated graphics. Yay!

Of course I created a bug for OpenIndiana to have the missing alias added. This post is supposed to serve as a reminder for myself about how to use update_drv.


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