Josef “Jeff” Sipek

HVF v0.16-rc3

Whee! This weekend happened to be filled with coding.

First, I realized that it’s been 15 months since the last HVF release. I looked at the list of commits since then, and it was a sizable enough list to warrant a new release. Since there wasn’t a whole lot “Oh my! Must have!” it ended up being just another release candidate.

Once released, I looked around my patch directories to see what else I should hack at. The installer patch caught my eye.

I had a branch for the DASD loader work for a while — and the loader is complete. On the same branch, I had uncommitted code to implement a simple installer program. I started working on it almost a year ago (at least that’s what I gather from the bug report: bug # 146), but I kept all the code uncommitted. I did some simple cleanup, and committed the work-in-progress code. Then, over the next few hours, I managed to get a very large portion of it done. The last piece that needs to be implemented is the EDF handling. That is, the code that lets HVF use Wikipedia article: CMS file system for config files, etc.

In other news, I ran Doxygen on the HVF codebase. The output wasn’t as impressive as I hoped it would be. Part of it is probably because there are way too many functions that aren’t documented bug # 76. This would be a good starter project for anyone looking to start hacking on HVF. Since I’m on the topic of looking for help, I realized that the HVF website is awful and could use some help — both look & feel as well content.

Lastly, I’d like to post a link here to the HVF Ohloh page.


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