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I’ve resumed watching Stargate Universe. I’m more or less convinced that it’s crap. The plot is painful (well, the tiny bits of plot that are there), the characters are annoying, and there are a few “issues” I have with the production. This is going to be my short rant about one aspect of the production.

At some point, someone thought of making a device so that you can hand-hold a camera but still have it stable & steady. This invention is commonly called a Steadicam. Anyhow, I would like to know when it became artsy and cool to not use steadicams, and instead have this unsteady shot. I find this motion distracting and even un-natural. SGU isn’t the first show to do this. I vaguely remember BSG doing the same. Why are you doing this?

Of course, not doing silly things with the camera will not fix the other issues with the show - like annoying characters and lacking story lines.

So, if you are responsible for the production of SGU, use those steadicams! They’ll improve your show!


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