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z10: greener, better, faster, stronger

Alright, I’ve finally managed to write a little entry about this…

On February 26th, IBM announced a new series of mainframes: the z10. It’s still z/Architecture, although they expanded it a bit.

Here’s what it looks like (image shamelessly stolen from the internet):

IBM z10

So, what makes it better, you ask?

It’s faster (up to 64x quad-core 4.4GHz processors), it supports 3 times as much memory (storage in mainframe speak) as the z9 did (512GB -> 1.5TB), the cores are 50-100% faster depending on the load, and other goodies….I’ll just list them in a list…it’s more parsable that way:

  • 64x quad-core 4.4GHz processors

    • 64 kB L1 i-cache
    • 128 kB L1 d-cache
    • 3 MB L2 cache

  • z/Architecture

    • crypto, decimal floating point, and compression accelerators
    • 894 instructions, 75% implemented in hardware
    • 1MB, as well as 4 kB page tables (z9 has only 4 kB)

  • 1.5TB memory (z9 had 512GB limit)
  • 50-100% faster execution (depending on the workload)
  • One z10 is equivalent to 1500 x86 servers, but uses 85% less power
  • Available in the second quarter of 2008

IBM also announced that there’s a porting effort to get OpenSolaris to run on the z10.


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