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Guilt - Two Months Later

Quite a bit has changed in Guilt over the past two months. There have been 5 releases, as well as one release candidate (v0.19-rc1). During these releases, 71 files were changed (2210 insertions, 293 deletions) in 98 commits. There has been a number of patches I got via email:

Brandon Philips: 4
Nur Hussein: 3
Theodore Ts’o: 2
Yasushi SHOJI: 7

Brandon Philips contributed a significant portion of the documentation — currently every command has a man page! Additionally, he is trying to get Guilt picked up by Debian. So if you happen to qualify as a sponsor, do the right thing ;)

Nur Hussein contributed an uninstall script as well as fixed the patchbomb script.

As far as I know, Ted Ts’o is using Guilt to maintain his ext4 tree.

Yasushi contributed created a few patches which add several bits of quilt functionality (e.g., guilt-files, and guilt-series -v).

I have also been contacted by Peter Williams, the maintainer of gquilt (a GUI wrapper for quilt and mq, with a very similar name to guilt), if I would like to have guilt added as a backend. I checked out gquilt, and it looks really nice. I also looked at what it would take to add the backend, and it doesn’t look like that much effort, but I need to implement few bits of functionality first. If anyone wants to volunteer, let me or Peter know. :)


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