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Quake 3 - Wide Screeeeeeeeen

So, I decided to recompile Quake 3 as provided by I happened to have an external monitor connected to my laptop, so I had no choice but to try quake with both screens. Here’s the result:

2960x1024 of glory

After I finished playing with it, I realized that the secondary monitor was able to go as high up as 1600x1200. This would mean I’d be able to play with 3280x1050 (3.12 aspect ratio) instead of what I have done before - 2960x1024 (2.89 aspect ratio). Or 412960 extra pixels, which is 13.6% increase! :)

Of course the frame rate would suffer even more - it was about 35-40 frames per second at 2960x1024. I suspect that at the amazing 3280x1050 it’ll be about 5-7 frames/second slower. But it’ll still be great :)

P.S. Yes, that’s a 180 degree field of view. It is really nice not to have to jerk with the mouse to see if anyone is to the sides :)


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